Faux Frenchies are a designer blend, with the emphasis on French Bulldog . They are intelligent, sturdy, happy, family friendly dogs without the associated health problems. I am a hobby breeder who has been raising animals for 30 years, I am a country girl at heart. These wonderful dogs amaze me how quick they figure out problems, and tackle new adventures. They make me laugh at their clownish ways and fall in love with them, when they crawl in my lap just to snuggle or have a nap. Good food, clean mountain air, and, lots of love gives each one a great start to what will be a wonderful addition to your family. Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions or if you would like to meet any of my puppies.

Why a Faux puppy is a better breed: A purebred puppy has a higher risk of inheriting two copies of a bad gene, since his parents belong to the same breed and share so many of the same genes, including defective ones. But parents of different breeds (assuming those breeds are not similar to each other) each tend to have different defective genes. This minimizes the risk of a crossbred puppy getting two copies of the same bad gene. That's good. Not only that, but this greater variety of genes that a crossbred puppy inherits tends to result in a stronger immune system and better physical and mental health. The genetic diversity of crossbred and mixed breed dogs is a healthy thing. Frenchies can have back issues, flat face and nose problems, and eye problems. By mixing them they have just a little more nose which helps with breathing, snoring, allergies. They end up with a smaller frame so they don't get so heavy which helps with the back and knees. And it helps with their attitude, and how easy they are to train. What you are left with is a fun, clownish, personable family orientated pet who will love you unconditional.

A small non-refundable deposit will be needed to hold the puppy of your chioice, so the puppy you want will be here waiting for you. We have a layaway option in case you need it. Final payment for puppy, before he/she leaves is cash.
Before a puppy leaves our home it is vet checked, age appropriate shots are given, wormed and they go home with a 6 month health guarantee.

Please feel free to call Cindy or Darcy with any and all questions!!